Why Can’t it be? 

You came along, unexpectedly

I was doing fine in my little world

Baby please don’t get me wrong

‘Cause I’m not complaining

But you see, you got my mind spinning
Why can’t it be

Why can’t it be the two of us

Why can’t we be lovers

Only friends

You came along

At the wrong place, at the wrong time

Or was it me

Baby I dream of you every minute

You’re in my dreams

You’re always in it

That’s the only place I know

Where you could be mine

And I’m yours (Baby I’m yours)

Only till I wake up

🎶Why can’t it be🎶- Nina

Album: Renditions of the Soul

Read more at http://www.songlyrics.com/nina/why-can-t-it-be-lyrics/#02T9ptOKWV8kql7m.99


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