Coffee is Life

Let’s start with my favorite. Cappuccino my one and only.

Raw Coffee Company

This is my favorite coffee shop. Aside from having a free coffee whenever I want to drink. lol. Not bitter not sweet either and it’s organic. No idea about the pricing but definitely worth it.  Where to find? Al Qouz Area Dubai, UAE. This is actually a good place since it’s hidden (ask google) and the place around this coffee shop is not crowded.You can definitely enjoy your coffee while chatting or reading some books.


My second fave I might say. If I’m going to pay for my coffee I always go to this place. Not cheap but not expensive. Love their sweets as well especially the red velvet. Where to find? Anywhere! I mean they’re everywhere. From malls to business center to shop.


Hmmm? To be honest, not bad but not that good either. So coffee is okay.

Bo’s Coffee

Where? Bo’s coffee is in Philippines. My first try was in Tacloban City. The only good coffee for me aside from Starbucks.


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