Dreams do come true! :)

All of us wants to travel around the world. It is our dreams to travel and explore. This time one of my dreams turn into reality. God is really good! He allowed me to travel and explore Japan. Yes you heard it right!”Japan”. And you know what is the most exciting  part? I’m traveling with my two loving sisters. 😃Traveling is a gift from God but traveling with your family is a big blessings. 

So…we’ve decided to visit Japan for 12 days including the travel date. Five days in Tokyo, 1 day in Kyoto and 4 days in Osaka. Isn’t it amazing? Hehe. I’m gonna post all the pictures that we took during our stay.

Here’s a peak of our hotel in Tokyo.

This pic is our last day in Tokyo. I forgot to take a photo of the hotel on our first day ‘coz we’re too excited to explore the first place in our list to visit .

First thing first. We arrived at Haneda International Airport at 11:30 PM. We went to money changer and convert all the money that we had.

The only decent picture that we had in the airport. As you can see we all look tired and haggard as we are rushing to catch up the last shuttle bus going to our hotel.

And in fairness we made it!

Our first day in Japan? Just wait and I’ll tell you soon! 😉

PS: The above video is actually just for fun. 😂😂😂

Yours truly,



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