To buy or not?

Lately, I’ve been constantly debating with myself if I am going to buy my own domain.

Q: Why do I want to buy?

A: Because I want to remove this thingy and I want to change my site address to a normal site like an so it’s easy to remember.  And to be honest, we all want the same thing like to have our own site right? $4 a month and $48/year is not bad (Personal plan) if I’m really desperate. (Yaaay) It won’t cost a cup of coffee per month. (Trying to justify! hahaha) And If I don’t want to renew I can cancel my subscription.

But I’m still not totally convinced! (Help 911/999)J)))))))))


Q: Why not to buy?

A: Simple. Call me a miser but I don’t think I can spend $48 every year just for a domain. A hundred eighty dirhams a year and 15dhs per month! It’s like a one combo meal (15) and one buffet (180) in a 4/5 star hotel. Can you imagine that? Well of course you can’t. LOL

I have if’s and but’s. What if I don’t want to write again? (I hope not) I want to buy it but I find it expensive. What if I change my mind after a few days and I want to cancel it? What if?????

(Sighs) The struggle is real! (hehe)

Maybe I need to have a quota. Quota for my post,likes or followers or readers. (hmm m sounds interesting!) I have to reach that digit. Don’t worry I am not gonna say it here. I will put it on my bucket list.

We’ll see. . . In Gods Will.
Yous trully,





PS: Appreciated if you left any comments and suggestions below there. It will help. Really. ❤️


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