Iphoneography #1

Hey there! Wake me up when September ends! 😜lol

1st day of September and I am posting a different segment. As I’ve said on my profile (ehem if you have read my profile which you should! Yes by forced! Lol)aside from writing about love of fate “amor fati” or any random thoughts I also love taking photos, photograph, pictures or whatsoever. So I add a new menu (Photography) in my page. 

This time I want to share it with you guys. But wait a minute (kapeng mainit!waley😅) Don’t expect that much! 😂 I will only post a few of them since I am using a mobile right now. (Yes you heard me right) I am having a hard time to compose a caption and to edit slash arrange my photos. 


Below photos are only a snip gallery of mine. All are taken and edited with my iPhone 6 only. (Are you suprised? Well of course you’re not ‘coz you haven’t seen it yet.) YET. (Yaaay!) Before you scroll down I’m going to warn you about these photos. It’s all about pink!pink!pink! 🦄🎀So girly right? (What to do yani!) But I’m into pink shades nowadays. 🙂

Anyway, enough with the dramas. So this is it! This is really is it! 


This was taken a few hours ago.
This is actually the road to our home. You can see it at the end of this road. The sky is amazing right? God is really good! He give us the sense of sight in order for us to witness his creation.
Inside bullet train. It runs like a bullet. So fast that it will hurt your ears. Very quiet and comfortable. Bullet train in Japan.
Shinjuku Golden Gai in Tokyo, Japan. It’s like a small village that is full of pubs and bars.

Mt Fuji. This is actually taken by my sister Jenneth © to her. I’m the only one who edit this photos. Sorry for including this one. I honestly love this picture.
When in Kyoto, Japan.

That’s it for now. I’m gonna try to post more of them in some other time. I hope you all like it. BTW if you’re wondering where I edit all my photos I am using Rookie cam apps. 

Thanks for the time. Till next posy again. 

Yours truly,




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