Such is Love

I smile, you smile and we are both happy

That feeling when you look at me

Makes my hearts melt so much.

If this is just a dream

Then I’m just gonna continue dreaming.

Oh how I wish the two of us could just be the two of us.

Such is love, a wondrous love.

But why when there is love there is pain?

And the pain now is part of the happiness then.

We were just started

And now it has come to an end.

That was supposedly the start of our sweet little story…

Or maybe not today.

Such is love a wondrous love,

yet it will break your heart

and will tear you apart…

To love, you must know pain.

And when you do you must know what it means.



(Such is Love.Inspired by Peter,Paul & Mary) 
( Some words are inspired by JP.)