Being ‘Just Friends’

Why do I care so much

About what you say

If I don’t love you?

And why does it hurt so much

When I feel you don’t care?

It’s getting so complicated

Being “just friends’ was so much better

How and when did it all change?

Does it really matter what tomorrow brings?

Can’t we live life for today

Like we used to be?

No rush and no pressure

Every day we say hi and smile

And at the end of the day we just say goodbye

Every day feels like a judgement day

All the others turn their backs and walked away

How much do we have to give up

Because someone else does not agree?

When will be the two of us could just be the two of us and be free?

People say love is beautiful

But why does it scare us away?

Can we just be scared and do it anyway?



Written by: JP

Rewrite by: 



Such is Love

I smile, you smile and we are both happy

That feeling when you look at me

Makes my hearts melt so much.

If this is just a dream

Then I’m just gonna continue dreaming.

Oh how I wish the two of us could just be the two of us.

Such is love, a wondrous love.

But why when there is love there is pain?

And the pain now is part of the happiness then.

We were just started

And now it has come to an end.

That was supposedly the start of our sweet little story…

Or maybe not today.

Such is love a wondrous love,

yet it will break your heart

and will tear you apart…

To love, you must know pain.

And when you do you must know what it means.



(Such is Love.Inspired by Peter,Paul & Mary) 
( Some words are inspired by JP.)

Street Lights

“If you see me in midnight walking in the streets

You’ll know it was me for I cannot sleep. “ Been asking to myself if you really are shining just for me. Because if not, I will turn off the lights in order for me not to see myself that I was hurt.

The ring that broke my heart

Of all the poems/poetry that i wrote this one is my favorite. People asked me if  did this really happened to me. I know it sounds real but fortunately not. 🙂 Its just stuck on my head then I started writing and put myself into that situation.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy reading this again. 🙂

“The Ring That Broke My Heart.”

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