She lost her herself on the tress

Among the ever- changing leaves.

She wept beneath the wild sky

As stars told stories of ancient times.

The flowers grew towards her light,

The river called her name at night.

She could not live an ordinary life

With the mysteries of the universe

Hidden in her eyes

By: Christy Ann Martine

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Confessions of a lost soul

Is this what I really wanted?

Is this what I wished for?

If what I have is what I desired

Why do I wish for something else

…or something more?


What I wanted to be mine yesterday

Will I still want it tomorrow?

If what dreams comes true today

Will I have a new dream tomorrow?


Do I really want what I think I want?

Will I be happy if and when I get it?

Or is this a fantasy driven by jealousy

Which will end up in me feeling guilty?


When dreams come true

They do not remain dreams anymore

Reality seems to be so ordinary

And that then makes me wish for more


Greed now rules my soul

And even “Everything” is not enough

My dreams will come true

And when they do, I will have no clue

The grapes will always be sour

Happiness…always beyond reach


PS: I will post some of his writings for the mean time. He gave it to me and shows some of his poetries. He doesn’t want to be mentioned so I put his initial name.  I wasn’t able to write anything since I’m in a healing process but I will still try to write again as I promised on my previous blog.

Thanks for reading.

Jenny G. ♥

2018 Goals!

2017: So many things have happened. I have watched Andy Murray playing tennis live.  Golden State Warriors won the NBA Championships. I did a good job. I have travelled with my sisters. I get to know God a little bit better every dayJ. I went to the highest mountain in UAE before year ends.  I was hurt by someone so much that I started writing poems/poetry. (Just kidding) I have learned to move on. And then, I have started blogging and writing poems and poetry.

I might say it was a good year for me. And now I am welcoming the New Year with my 2018 goals. (Hoping everything will go well.)

Love, Respect and Treat Myself More.

To not let myself settle for less than I deserve. To make time for myself, to do whatever I love just to play without worrying about the wasting time.  Choosing myself even if it means upsetting others even if it means not giving others whatever they want. Building a life that I love while I am still single instead of waiting for my prince to show up, to explore life and to be happy. To forgive myself from my mistakes. Wearing clothes that make me feel good and fit my personality instead of wearing clothes that are in fashion that we use to impress others. To accept and own my inner and outer beauty and to compliment myself without feeling guilty, arrogant or entitled.

To be Healthy and to Work Out More


I admit 2017 was my laziness year to exercise and workout. I was pigging out every weekend.  This time I will try to be more conscious of what I eat. To do more work outs meaning to add some workout routine. And it will be the “YOGA”.



Save more.


                “Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving.”- Warren Buffett

I promise myself to save more this year and have some investments. Seriously we have to save and invest ‘coz this is for our retirement. So we don’t have to worry for our future.


Travel and explore


One of my goals this year is to travel and to explore. I want to travel to all the places that are listed on my bucket list. This will be my forever goals. Whether it is inside or outside the country it doesn’t matter as long as I will enjoy and learn every culture of it.


24 Books


I will try to read at least 1 or 2 books per month. I love books I can read three books in a week or two if I want to and if I’m not doing anything. But to be honest I am not sure if I can read 24 books this year since I am working all day, busy on weekends. (Excuses! Excuses!)  I’m still gonna put this on my list though.



Be active on writing


I only write if I’m not emotionally stable. But this year no more excuses. I will make sure to write something every day about my life in a day or if not every day at least twice or thrice a week.




Learn musical instrument


Last year I started learning keyboard lesson on my own. I try it for a month or two I think and then I stop. This year I told myself not stop learning new things. So I’ve decided to study and learn again how to play keyboard.





Stay humble


“It’s okay to be wrong about something and, more importantly, it’s okay to admit that to others. This shows that you not only value your opinion and decisions, but that you also value the opinions and decisions of those around you.”



To have a good relationship with others       


It is not easy to maintain and have a good relationship with others especially colleagues. We can’t deny that there is always a competition. But having good relationships give us good benefits: our works is more enjoyable, more fun and admit it less stress. If one of your colleague has an attitude or has negative relationship with you. Make the first move to make the relationship by engaging them in a genuine conversation. Make an effort to get to know to that person. If the person doesn’t want to still show them that you have your respect towards them. Not all relationships will be great but you can make sure that they are, at least, workable!

Leftover No more       


I have this never eat the last bite syndrome that I can’t finish my food even if it just a small portion or worst just the last piece. Whenever I’m eating something like a sandwich, cookie, or a meal, anything else you take bites out of, I never eat the last piece. So this year I want to get rid this syndrome. Means not to put too much food on my plate instead put smaller sized portions and go back for more if I’m still hungry.

Spend time with my Family


Since I am an overseas employee I will make it a habit to call my dad or my siblings every weekend to keep in touch with them. ♥






So that’s it! These are my 2018 goals. It would be very nice if you will have a list of your 2018 goals too and share it with us. Who knows maybe I can add your goals to mine as well. J

Let’s make it a habit to write something every year and check it on the end of the year if we made it!

Thanks for reading! ♥



The Last Page

December, thirty-first

All beautiful moments will be kept.

Eleven hours and fifty nine minutes

All bad memories will remain secrets.

For this year, twenty seventeen

Now has come to an end

I am forever thankful,

Forever be grateful,

Despite all the sadness and tears.

Still I had fun, joy and adventures.

“To this year I say goodbye

For next year I see in my eye

A year full of fun, joy and laughter

I will certainly be older, oh dear

So many days to be all mine,

I know for sure the sun will always shine!”

I place myself in a new fresh blank page

Where I can write and save

my stories and memories.

It has been a while since I wrote anything here. 

My mind is unclear. 

Words left unspoken 

My deepest thoughts are broken

I can’t think properly. 

I don’t know what to say. 

If only you can help me like you used to do.

In order for me to write like I used to.