The ring that broke my heart

Of all the poems/poetry that i wrote this one is my favorite. People asked me if  did this really happened to me. I know it sounds real but fortunately not. 🙂 Its just stuck on my head then I started writing and put myself into that situation.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy reading this again. 🙂

“The Ring That Broke My Heart.”

As we walked across an empty land

You suddenly stopped and held my hand

You got down on your knees and smiled

But all I can see was a sad man behind blue eyes

You held out your big hand

I saw the ring and I started crying

You put the ring on my finger

And I was just there

Standing, waiting for you to ask something

But you stood up and didn’t say anything

You hugged me tight and I knew it didn’t feel right.

Tears were falling from your eyes and I knew it meant goodbye

No words and no sound was heard

And then you said “I love you… I love you with all my heart.

I wish I can die now and rebirth

As I have loved you in the wrong time and place on earth.

And if we were born again I’ll promise to wait for you till the end.”

You looked at me like you wanted to stay

But turned your back and walked away from me

Now I feel alone and weary

I looked at the ring and I feel lonely

The ring that I thought would give me happiness

Were turn into heartbreaks and sadness.

The ring that should be for better or worse till death do us part

Became a tragedy that will tear us apart


Every love story has its perfect timing. It was just not our time. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t love.. – Steffi


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